Tips to Maintain Your Ideal Body Weight During a Holiday

If you are a regular visitor to your local gym or nearest Brighton fitness groups, then chances are, you are a fitness freak. Many people who are used to exercising regularly find it difficult to miss their workout for more than a few days at a time. During business trips or holidays, they may therefore constantly feel bloated or uncomfortable and sometimes even tensed because they aren’t getting the time or place to workout.

If you are on a holiday are fall in this category, a few simple tips can actually help you maintain your weight while not feeling so stressed out. Once you are back home, you can always follow your old exercise routine again.

Watch what you eat

Irrespective of where you are, be it a holiday or a business trip abroad, you can still control what you eat. This is the key to staying trim and fit. Do not gorge on unnecessary junk food. Furthermore, avoid too many desserts or high calorie foods like burgers and pizzas. Stick to healthier and wholesome foods that are baked or cooked in unsaturated oils so that your weight is not affected greatly. Your Brighton fitness groups trainer would be able to give you more ideas on the kinds of foods to eat when on holiday.

Walk and Run

While on holiday, it isn’t always important that you hire a taxi or take the metro or bus. You can also choose to walk or jog to nearby places. Try to use the stairs in your hotel to burn extra calories and keep your muscles supple. Run for a few minutes everyday round the block or on the beach so that you feel that you have had some exercise at least. Even a ten minute sprint will keep you refreshed and also help keep the weight at bay. You can also ask your Brighton fitness groups trainer to teach you some other simple exercises to perform by yourself in the middle of the day.

Stay active

Try to be as active as possible during a holiday so that you don’t put on weight easily. Every activity the body undertakes leads to loss in calories. This will help you avoid weight gain.

Avoid Sleeping During the Day

Many people choose to get lazy during a holiday. They end up sleeping for long hours during the night and during the day. This will obviously end up affecting your weight over a period of time. Sleep during the night but avoid spending long hours on the bed unnecessarily during the day.

Drink less

Last but not the least, you can enjoy a cocktail or two but don’t overdo it. Alcohol has its share of calories and too much of it will leave you feeling sick and may lead to weight gain too. So, keep it all in moderation. Your Brighton fitness groups trainer will also be able to guide you on what kind of drinks to avoid when on holiday.