Start Here

Here might be OK. But OK can always be better – no one enthuses about anything that is only OK.

But through personal training, solo or in groups, we can go from OK to better, best and brightest. And it doesn’t have to be a slog that you may dread – I began a new fitness training challenge just 6 weeks ago, and…

    Results that show the journey is working:

  • 3 inches off my legs,
  • 6 inches from my waist,
  • And about two-and-a-half from around my neck.
    Most important result:

  • My partner says I look sexier than when we met!

And the journey need not end, as not only am I obviously stronger and fitter (rarely out of breath during the day-to-day!), but I am energized too, and look forward to getting out of bed and getting back on the personal training treadmill!
Am I addicted? Perhaps – but this must be the best addiction yet!

Feel Free to comment or email, and we can travel this great workout path together!